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Petition to Unitedly track down Gramtoken.tech ICO founders and file LawSuit to refund the investors

Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:57 pm

Petition to Unitedly track down Gramtoken.Tech ICO founders and file Law Suit to refund the investors

Raise your petition athttps://isignfund.com/fund/2zFfTt08NB


Step 1:
Collect the consent from all the GramToken Investors.

Step 2:
Collect the donation

Step 3:
Hire Ethical Hackers and announce bounty for them to track down the wallet address and account IPs if possible.

Step 4:
Take Legal Action against them to return the collected investment.

Article sited from TechCrunch
Gramtoken.io screenshot via cafebitcoin.vn

Gramtoken.io was the most prominent fake ICO when Telegram announced it's ICO. The website, which is now offline, used details extracted from the whitepapers including project roadmap, team members and more. It even posted a copy of the whitepaper — which, again, had been leaked already — to give a sense of authenticity. The site’s tracker purported to have ‘raised’ more than $5 million before it went dark last Wednesday.

It isn’t clear why the site went offline. NameCheap, the company that hosted the Gramtoken.io domain, declined to comment when we asked if it had taken action. If Namecheap didn’t step in, it could be that the people behind Gramtoken.io decided to shut the party down before it drew too much attention.

Of the rest of the fakes, ton-gram.io, grampreico.com and tgram.cc remain online, Gramtoken.tech is offline, while a number of Facebook Pages, including one for Gramtoken.io, were taken private or removed after being called out as scams.

In addition, it’s reported that some scammers turned to email to blast out fake Telegram ICO investment opportunities.

In the case of one website, Ton-gram.io, more than 70 people have invested over $30,000 in Ethereum, according to a wallet address connected to the website.

Raise your voice against these fake coins at https://isignfund.com/fund/2zFfTt08NB

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