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NRS v1.7.3e

Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:42 pm

Hash: SHA512

Release 1.7.3e ...


07be795bb6b64df7dbe73072544ddb9236c57d827147a7eb3a98e34929698a65 ... 1.7.3e.jar


ef6e145e4ba631238c8bef054e94af6d85e2be983756815fcc9f3e86b09de92b nxt-client-1.7.3e.jar ... 1.7.3e.exe

The exe and jar packages must have a digital signature by "Stichting NXT".

This is an experimental release for testing only. Source code is not provided.

Change log:

This is an experimental bugfix release. It is a mandatory update for testnet

Added retrievePrunedTransaction API. This API can be used to force retrieval
of the prunable data for a given transaction, even if past the configured
nxt.maxPrunableLifetime. Using this API to retrieve pruned data however does
not increase its lifetime, i.e. at the next scheduled table trimming the data
will be pruned again if expired. This API queries all currently available
archival peers, until the missing data is found, therefore it can take some
time to complete, and can also return no results if there are no such peers
online, or none of them has the requested data. Consistent with the behavior
of getTransaction and related API, the returned transaction JSON will not have
the prunable parts included if they have already expired and
nxt.includeExpiredPrunable=false (default is true), but if those parts have
been successfully restored, they can be requested using the more specific APIs
such as getPrunableMessage, getTaggedData, etc.

The getPrunableMessage, getTaggedData, and downloadTaggedData APIs now support
optional "retrieve" parameter, default false. If the corresponding data has
been pruned and retrieve is true, an attempt will be made to retrieve the data
from archival peers, as if using the retrievePrunedTransaction API.

Added getReferencingTransactions API, returning the transactions referencing a
given transaction id.

Added getLinkedPhasedTransactions API, returning the phased transactions with
by-transaction voting model for a given linkedFullHash, regardless of their
phasing status (pending, approved or rejected). Since the corresponding table
is trimmed after finish height however, the result will not include those
transactions that finished before the last trimming height.

Increased maximum leasing period to 65535 blocks, to take effect after the
hard fork.

Shuffling UI improvements.

Added UI for the Tagged Data feature, now known as Data Cloud.

The Exchange Booth UI has been improved. The user must only enter the number
of currency units to be bought or sold, and the server determines the maximum
or minimum rate required in order to obtain or sell this amount, based on the
current market offers available. This avoids the creation of exchange requests
that cannot be filled, and eliminates the need for manually calculating the
required exchange rate.

To prevent clickjacking exploits, a new http header is now added by default to
all http API responses, X-FRAME-OPTIONS: SAMEORIGIN. This can be turned off by
setting nxt.apiFrameOptionsSameOrigin=false in

Incompatible changes:

The taggedData field in the getAllTaggedData API response has been renamed to
data, for consistency with the other get*TaggedData APIs.

The behaviour of the currencyBuy API has been fixed, to exchange no more than
the number of currency units specified in the units parameter. Currently, the
total amount of NXT as calculated from rate * units is exchanged for currency,
even if this results in purchasing more than the number of units requested,
which is non intuitive and not consistent with the way currencySell works.
This change will take effect after the hard fork.

Updated Jetty to version 9.3.6 and slf4j to version 1.7.13. Make sure to
delete the old lib folder if unpacking over a previous installation.

This release will do a blockchain rescan on testnet and may delete blocks
after certain height, to resolve testnet forks.


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Re: NRS v1.7.3e

Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:01 am

Thank you Jean-Luc!
It's good to see you posting in this forum.
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Re: NRS v1.7.3e

Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:05 am

This is our final release candidate really, the next 1.7 release is expected to be declared stable, and to be out before the end of the month. And I wanted to give broader exposure to this release, as it brings a host of new features - fully decentralized mixing (coin shuffling), decentralized censorship-free document and data publishing (data cloud), multisignature (account control) and others. Give it a try, and report any bugs, so that we have a chance to fix any issues found in time for 1.7.4.
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