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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Sigil - A Crypto of future

Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:13 am

Hi everybody.

Today I would like to introduce you to a new digital currency. A coin for Decentralized Crowdfunding future .
You know, the 4.0 technology revolution is moving fast. And we, little people, are trying to catch up with that reform. Crypto, blockchain has become a trend, a path to success.
Yes, I would like to introduce the project: Sigil platform

What is Sigil?
Sigil is a new coin with coding: SGL and Algorithm (PoW / PoS): Neoscrypt / Sha-256d. SGL is emphasized on security and performance. With technology: Orbitcoin Super Shield will certainly be a major breakthrough in the crypto revolution because Bitcoin and Ethereum are not raised privacy and security issues. Account hijackings, still occur.
Along with Time Warp, Instamining Protection, this is further confirmed by SGL in their products.
Very Low Transaction Fees. That's it, this is something I am extremely pleased with SGL. In 2018 the crypto revolution is going further but Bitcoin fee is $ 20-40, sadly. SGL faster, safer and more special: Very affordable and affordable.
I hope that SGL will be able to thrive in order to apply their coin to the payment area.
How far will the Sigil go?
I am really shocked to look at their roadmap.
Q1 / 2018 they will list on the market.
Q2 / 2018, Sigil will go into beta, test Crowdfunding features and more.
Along with that is the IOS wallet, Android wallet.
Q3 / 2018 is the development phase Atomic Swap, great.
In Q4, we expect lightning netwok and transaction fees will be very small.
Please visit the Sigil website and feel what I just shared:


Source Code:
Whitepaper : ... ePaper.pdf

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