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Banknote with "hidden" Bitcoin Cash stash brought into circulation today in San Ignacio, Belize #BitcoinCashBelize

Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:33 pm

Note - this post is part of the #BitcoinCashBelize subsection of this forum!

Today, Saturday December 2nd 2017, a 2 Belize Dollar bill (approx $1 USD value) was spent in the San Ignacio Market.

However, it was not just any ordinary 2 dollar bill. It had the private key of a Bitcoin Cash wallet on there!! To increase the odds of someone finding it, it also contained the public address AND the text ''.


Check status here: ... h83TLYZenT

Here's a picture of the bill:
(The other side has the private key and for obvious reasons I won't show that one!)

Here are a few pictures of the Belize San Ignacio market:
I am very curious how long it will take for someone to find it.

I didn't put a very large amount of money on there, I put $2 USD ($4 bze) on there. Here, 4 Belize Dollars is already a lot of money.

What did I spend my $2 Belize Dollars on? Well, I spent it on 10 bananas (and got a dollar change)!
Excited about the potential of Bitcoin Cash in the beautiful country of Belize.
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