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Bitcoin Cash in Belize - Start Here! #BitcoinCashBelize

Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:35 am


This page is about Bitcoin Cash and is focused on the country of Belize.
Bitcoin Cash is the best form of money the world has ever seen. It allows anyone, anywhere in the world to send any amount of money to anyone else, at any time, almost instantaneously and virtually for free. And there is nothing anybody else can do to stop you. You don't need to sign up or ask anyone's permission or approval.
Curious? Read on to find out more, and join us on our first Bitcoin Cash meetup (date, location to be decided).

Getting Started Current events
December 2nd, 2017: UNCLAIMED - Bitcoin Cash stash "hidden" on 2 Belize Dollar bank note!
December 7th, 2017, Hidden Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallets throughout Cayo, Belize

This is a forum (generously hosed by the forum team!). This means you can (and are encouraged to) sign up for an account on the forum. You can then post replies, or start your own topics. Be part of the entire forum community!

New topic naming & location suggestion
If your topic is related to Bitcoin Cash in Belize, please add the hashtag "#BitcoinCashBelize" to the Subject (title) of the thread. This makes it very easy to search for everything Belize related.

The team at has requested that we use the Project Development board for our Belize related discussions. Please respect this request!

The short link to this page is
Excited about the potential of Bitcoin Cash in the beautiful country of Belize.
Developer of the Document Registration Service (using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain).

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