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Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:49 pm

It`s very interesting to watch people who have invested now in projects that promise almost 100% of payments. Why no one thinks it`s a fraud? Even with intensive growth of bitcoin, it`s very difficult to get a double profit. A couple of months ago my friend invested in a project that guaranteed 85% of payments. The poor girl is already starting to go into the "minus", as the income began to decrease. I called out to help. Making joint efforts, we`ve found a very high-quality European project, MiningNow -,

Although they don`t promise a huge profit, the project`s quite reliable and legally transparent. In addition to the fact that the project`s organizers sign a smart contract with each user, they also guarantee from 245% per annum.

By the way, before you invest check the statistics on their website, they have a monthly income increases. I don`t remember when I last saw anything like this. Now I'm starting to think about whether I`d invest in MiningNow too.

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