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Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:42 pm

[b]http://justsoeasymoney.blogspot[/b]. ... y[/b].html
I did come a cross this site when I was searching something about the BTC.
They give away free software to make you earn Free BTC. > "Coinmaster Miner Pro" good to be true right. There is no such a thing free BTC or even satoshi.
But my exited friend want to give a try.
Because all the comments are proving this software genuine and makes hundreds of BTC.
If you think this it...NO. There is more. They have another software called "Bitcoin X2 V6.1"
This software doubles your BTC. If you put 1 BTC makes it 2, and on and on.
They even had life chat to give help online instantly.
People had they screen shot with their claim as a proof.
When you see this kind of approach you would believe it.
So, my friend wanted give a try.
We downloaded and start to run... and less than 2 minutes we had 0.750 BTC.
We have put our newly created BTC address and wanted to claim.
To transfer the BTC in our wallet, they need it 0.0081 BTC for mining fee.
Regardless of what, my friend wanted to give a try.
So he send the 0.0081 BTC. and we both start to wait and wait.
After two hrs. we have contact the online help- chat.
He told us, we have to wait sometimes 24 hrs.
Yes we did wait 36 hrs and contact them again.
We did ask them why the mining 0.750 BTC has not been transferred to our account.
With that question, less than 2 second we have disconnected from their site.
Also our previous comments has been cleared of from their site.
Writing new comment and to warn others to this site SCAM
It didn't go through. Yes this side use typical approach to scam ppl all around the world.
For some countries this amount of money 1 month wage.
When you come a cross these kind of ppl without moral value..
You will be sucked in like my friend did.
Please stay away and warn your friends and those who wants to get in.

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