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Newbie here and trying to make a purchase using BC and multi-sig to avoid getting scammed. Here are the instructions given to me by the seller below and what I want to know is are these correct or is it a scam.

Go to>>New Tab>Multi-sig address>>Public keys can be "generated in your browser">>Generate>>Note the 3 strings (public,private,and address)>>Share public key with us>>We will set up the escrow>>We will send you the multi-sig address generated with your public key>>My public key and multi-sig public key>>We will send you the Redeem script to unlock the payment when the job >>is done>>Open the "validate" tab and paste the redeem script to validate that>>everything is ok before the payment>> you must pay to the multi-sig address>> We start the job>>You see what you buy with your own eyes>>You use your private key with the redeem script to unfreeze the >>payment to us>>

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