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BitDeer Announces Strategic Partnership with and AntPool

Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:07 pm

BEIJING, CHINA - On December 12th, 2018, BitDeer announced its official launch as a world-class computing power-sharing platform and strategic partnerships with and AntPool, the world's largest cryptocurrency mining pools.

BitDeer allows global users to mine Bitcoin and other proof-of-work protocols without the technical challenges of running a cryptocurrency mining operation. It enables aspiring miners to dive right into the world of cryptocurrency mining and provides a white glove service solving the complexities of purchasing, installing and hosting mining machines by providing professionally-managed hardware miners at the world’s leading server colocation centers.

The platform’s mission is to provide a transparent, reliable, convenient and first-class computing power-sharing service to users around the world. “With small computing power plans that start at less than $10 and durations as short as 30 days, BitDeer aims to provide flexible service terms and competitive pricing. We are extremely excited about the strategic partnership with and AntPool, ensuring stable and professional mining pool support for both our platform and our users,” said Celine Lu, CEO of BitDeer. “Directly connected with the world’s largest mining pools, individual miners can monitor the mining process and their revenue.”

The recent market correction of Bitcoin has led to the second highest drop in the difficulty of mining Bitcoin with a “-15.13%” adjustment according to The opportunity to successfully mine a Bitcoin has increased as “weaker hands” have been forced out of the market. Professional operations such as BitDeer are able to mine for cryptocurrencies due to the economy of scale and lower energy costs.

After years of experience in cryptocurrency mining industry, Zhong Zhuang, CEO of, believes Bitcoin mining will continue to be a great endeavor for both major players and individual miners. “Major players will keep building their competitive edge by running large mining pools, while individual miners can benefit with a slice of the pie by joining computing power-sharing platforms. Because of this, greatly values the partnership with a professional and powerful platform like BitDeer and is looking forward to reaching more individual miners.”

“BitDeer’s proprietary real-time computing power allocation technology allows users to be connected to a designated mining pool and offers daily payouts directly to the user’s chosen wallet address. This is a new cryptocurrency mining model that will change the industry landscape,” said Xin Tian, co-founder of AntPool. “Utilizing the strategic partnership with BitDeer, AntPool looks forward to better serving individual miners all over the globe.”

About BitDeer
BitDeer is a Bitcoin mining platform providing computing power-sharing services to users around the world, enabling them to mine Bitcoin in a transparent, reliable and convenient way. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with just one click. For more information, please visit

About is the largest mining pool and the most secure and trusted Bitcoin wallet in the world. Since launching the block explorer in 2015, has been at the vanguard of Bitcoin data analytics and software development. In 2016, led the industry in innovation with the release of an open-source mining pool and wallet, which today play key roles in driving and maintaining Bitcoin’s decentralized ecosystem. For more information, please visit

About Antpool
AntPool is a Bitcoin mining pool operated by Bitmain, the world’s leading hardware and software solution provider in the field of cryptocurrency mining. Since mining its first block in March 2014, AntPool has risen rapidly through 2015 to become one of the main mining pools and now accounts for approximately a quarter of the Bitcoin mining network. For more information, please visit

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