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Brazilian bitcoin companies united for Brazil's mine disaster

Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:45 pm

We've united the Brazilian bitcoin companies for the victims of the tragedy in Mariana region, Minas Gerais State in Brazil.
Image We are gathering donations on a ‪#‎bitcoin‬ address. For each US$ 1,00 donated (in BTC equivalent) the the address below, the participating companies will, together, donate the same amount, which means that if the campaign reach US$ 2,500.00 in donations, the final donation amount will be US$ 5,000.00 to the victims of this tragedy.

Donations will be directed to the population of Governador Valadares, the most demanding place for drinkable water. The collected amount will be delivered to Água Canção Nova, which will have the water bottled and delivered. This company is only charging the costs for production.

The costs to send a loaded truck, the equivalent to 16,800 1.5L bottles (totaling 25,200 Liters) will be US$1,898.00

At this moment 4 bitcoin companies have agreed to join ‪#‎FOXBIT‬ on the campaign ‪‎#BitcoinPorMariana‬: FlowBTC, CoinBR, NegocieCoins and BitcoinToYou.

Donate. Take part. Share it!

Address for donations: ... 9gKMbhKrqe

More info about tragedy:

Think Progress:

*The total amount pledged by the 5 bitcoin companies is of U$2.500,00
**This campaign will end on Nov, 30th 2015

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