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What is your investment style? Let's find out through your favorite Netflix show!

Fri Apr 17, 2020 9:08 am

As the lock down prolongs from the COVID-19, we are spending more time at home. With that, many people find themselves doing the Netflix marathon in their living room, or bedroom with their favorite snacks.

I read an interesting blog. So I want to share it with you. As the coronavirus is creating anxiety, let’s take some moment to have a few laughs with this light-hearted analysis on your finances by looking at what your TV show preference says about you.
Source▶ https://moa.network
What is your favorite Netflix show?
Please choose first!

1. Mystery :roll:
For example : #Sherlock, #Stranger_Things, #Bones

2. Marvel universe 8-)
For example : #Marvel’s Daredevil, #Jessica_Jones, #Luke_Cage

3. Old charms drama :lol:
For example : #The_Crown, #Alias_Grace, #Gilmore Girls-the original

4. Political power drama :ugeek:
For example : #House_of_Cards, #Homeland, #Madam_Secretary

5. Satirical comedy :D
For example : #BoJack_Horseman, #Master_of_None, #30_Rock

6. Mystery & Crime :shock:
For example : #Death_in_Paradise, #When_Calls_the_Heart, #Good Witch

And check your results!
Please scroll down!

1. Mystery lovers ready to solve the worst enigma.
You might be a doctor, salesperson, analyst, or some other career person by day, however, you are a true shrewd at heart. If one can earn a degree by the hours one watches a certain genre, you would have already earned a degree or two in the field of criminology.

You apply the same detective skills at handling your finances. When you see an unusual movement (volatility) in the market, you are ready to dig deep and to investigate the market driver. Then, you apply the fresh new insights to your portfolio. If anyone knows the unicorn asset, you’d be one. For people like you, we have an article that closely studied the correlation in the prices of three tokens, BTC, ETH, and XRP, and its implications on reading the market trend.

2. A fan of the Marvel universe with a dark, brutal and grittier note.
Ready to take the bitter tastes from financial losses, and resilient enough to come back stronger.

You like to take matters into your own hands. When it comes to investment, you’d rather do it alone than involve a manager. However, you do study thoroughly. What is also interesting is that, in addition to finding out the ROI and Price-To-Book Ratio (P/B Ratio) or Price-to-Earning ratio (P/E Ratio) of a given company, you also need to know if the company is also socially responsible. You are not rash when making decisions. As such, you are into building a low risk/low return portofolio that could be very stable in the future.

3. Traditionalists who love the old charms with just enough modern taste to make it relevant.
Believer of the old, tried-and-truth methods, but flexible enough to re-interpret those principles to apply to the current market. While you stay alert to the newly emerging market, digital assets to name one, you have a firm background on legacy finance. As such, you are not afraid to apply the tried-and-truth principles from the traditional market, such as diversification and rebalancing, to maximize your profit. You may be an old soul, however, your investment strategies are anything but outdated. You are into the passive investment as you believe that the sure thing is better than the one with the higher risks.

4. Binge watcher of political power drama
Shrewd strategist ready for all moves. Beware, the risk may come from the least expected place.

You are aware of how all markets are related to each other. You check the systematic and non-systematic risks arising from the international political atmosphere, as well as legislative changes that can affect your asset prices in the market. Therefore, you monitor that news closely and set your risk management plan accordingly. You are one shrewd trader, my friend. I am pretty sure that you already knew the recent changes in the Korean Central banking system that now launched a digital currency pilot program!

5. Fan of satirical comedy that sharply points out truth in matters
You appear nonchalant about portfolio management. However, you are very well aware of the importance of building stable strategies and working toward it. You may have a chance to come up on top before anyone else. You are also not afraid to take unconventional approaches to managing your investments. You let others underestimate you from time to time only to surprise them by beating the market beta and winning crazy alpha.

6. Loyal fan of Hallmark channel, or something warm and light-hearted with a touch of mystery and crime.
You never want something too risky or serious. You want to walk straight and centered with your financial plan. When necessary, you may consider adding something a bit risky to increase the potential reward, but not by a lot. You are a 100% beta person – aiming to make the market average. You also follow only the big name market index, such as S&P 500, because you only want the sure game. The fact that you are investing in the stock market is giving you enough thrill. By the way, you are a value investor at heart.

Ladies and gentlemen, watch out for Corona virus!
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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: What is your investment style? Let's find out through your favorite Netflix show!

Sat Apr 18, 2020 8:52 pm

I have already seen this point on some alternative forums probably altcoinstalks or something like that, are you guys really sort of spamming around, anyway you promote kinda interesting theory about this goals so congrats to you alltogether.

Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: What is your investment style? Let's find out through your favorite Netflix show!

Wed May 27, 2020 6:22 pm

I really like the BoJack Horseman animated series. But what this show being liked by a "Fan of satirical comedy that sharply points out truth in matters" I could say without a test. But it's still a funny thing) Actually, I'm more shocked by how much Netflix's profits have gone up. I mean, it's just unbelievable. On the other hand, though, as soon as the world gets out of self-isolation, everything will fall back into place again (unless some particular series have more fans).

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