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Social Crypto currency USSRCOIN (USC) - celebrates the opening of the site ussrcoin.com and distributes free coins.

Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:22 pm

Another Red Calendar Day !!!

We celebrate together the opening of the official site https: //USSRCOIN.COM/ !!!

In honor of this grand event for 7 days, we give out USSRCOIN (USC) free coins to all those who believe and share the ideas of socialism !!!
(95% of the total prima will be distributed)

In order to get free USSRCOIN coins (USC), you need to create a purse at https://crypto-wallets.com/, where you will receive free USSRCOIN (USC) coins.

Then it is necessary to write to the e-mail address ussrcoin@gmail.com about the readiness to accept coins.
But that is not all!!
We are glad to introduce to you POOL http://celsiuspool.online:30081, where you can connect to maintain our network and get a good reward for every 50 USSRCOIN (USC) unit found.
Hurry to join to get your first coins !!! (ed.)

ussrcoin.com Official website of USSRCOIN. Social Crypto currency

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