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NRS v1.7.4

Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:59 pm

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Release 1.7.4 ...


baf0286983fee3f718ea755dd76f5e9bb3d6a2962560368d513ffc9517d10c9b ... -1.7.4.jar


13a4437bce4941b06f9ce3b0bf8f2371f2240db264712371094e22fc5152b34b nxt-client-1.7.4.jar ... -1.7.4.exe ... -1.7.4.dmg

The exe, dmg, and jar packages must have a digital signature by "Stichting NXT".

Change log:

This is the first stable release in the 1.7 series. It is a mandatory update
for everyone. There is a hard fork scheduled for block 621000, estimated to
occur around Jan 21, 2016, at which new features will be enabled. Nodes that
do not update to 1.7.4 or later by this date will be left on a fork.

On testnet, the hard fork block is already passed, and all new features are
fully functional.

There were incompatible API changes introduced in the 1.6 series. API users
still on 1.5.15 and earlier should make sure to read the 1.6 series changelogs
and forum announcements, before upgrading to 1.7. These changes do not affect
regular end users who just run the NRS client on their desktop or VPS node.

The new features and improvements in the 1.7 series have been documented in
the 1.7.0e through 1.7.3e changelogs, available in the changelogs directory.

Here is a high level summary of the new features to be enabled after the
hard fork:

Coin Shuffling, a fully decentralized coin mixing, to improve account privacy.

Account Control for phased transactions, the Nxt equivalent of multisignature.

Immediate release of certain types of phased transactions on approval.

Improved block times, 60 s average, long block times now extremely unlikely.

Account Properties, assigning arbitrary name/value metadata to user accounts.

Singleton Assets, useful for representing single tradeable objects.

Dynamic fees, proportional to the relative transaction size.

Improved Exchange Booth UI.

Data Cloud, adding a UI and multiple enhancements to the existing Tagged Data
feature, to allow decentralized, censorship-free and tamper-proof publication
and retrieval of small files, documents, or arbitrary data. This feature is
not dependent on the hard fork and will be fully usable immediately on update
to this release.

Changes added since the 1.7.3e release:

Added detectMimeType utility API, allowing auto-detection of the mime type of
uploaded file or data, using the Apache Tika library.

The uploadTaggedData API now uses such mime type auto-detection to determine
the mime type of uploaded data when the user has not explicitly provided a
type parameter. It also automatically sets the isText property to true for
data of type text/plain only.

Made the maximum permitted number of forgers or shufflers running at the same
time configurable, default 100 each, using the nxt.maxNumberOfForgers and
nxt.maxNumberOfShufflers properties.

The default value of includeCounts parameter in the searchDGSGoods API is now
also false, this API was inadvertently missed when globally changing the
defaults to false in the 1.6 branch.

Various UI improvements.

Updated Bouncy Castle library to version 1.54.


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