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Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:12 pm

Hosting provider with over one million users worldwide would like to announce a new chapter:

We have opened Monero mining pool at

Why us?
- 0% fees!
- low minimum payout: 0.2 XMR
- stable, fast and reliable servers
- this service won't go offline anytime soon. As hosting provider, we are committed to keep it running for a long time.
- team of professionals taking care of the project

- PPLNS payout system
- no registration required
- user friendly, modern interface
- adaptive share difficulty
- detailed stats and graphs

Getting started:
- Create Monero wallet, for example on
- Download miner, for example xmrig:
- Execute it with the following command:
xmrig.exe -o -u YOUR_WALLET -p x -k

Other services:
- we also offer a javascript mining script that you can embed in your page and let your visitors mine for you!
- we are anti-virus protected and we are commited to stay that way

We wish you happy and productive mining! Smiley

CoinImp team!

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Re: - 0% FEES, PPLNS, new Monero pool!

Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:49 pm

This website is utterly a rubbish website claimed to be professional running on nodejs-pool, in real it is totally unprofessional, I have been mining from past 14 days, since I joined their pool there were no blocks found and when the first block was found my due XMR did not changed so I contacted support and after 2 days it was updated. They have not provided the pool hash graph, and their network goes-out everytime. Now I had mined from almost 14 days, and 4 days ago 2 new blocks were found but my due XMR had not changed even while I am mining 500 H/s for 14 days.
Now I contacted their support team and I got the reply their website is young, LOL and as of today they have closed their pool. Beware of the scamming websites like its been 3 days since I emailed them and I haven't got any reply, very unprofessional. (Proof Attached for 10 days mining)


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Re: - 0% FEES, PPLNS, new Monero pool!

Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:51 am

Mr Stark, we paid you money. ... c4b8d83d15 this is confirmation of the transfer

We closed direct access to the pool and we focused all efforts on Javascript solution. We paid everyone who used our pool all the due money. Even to those that didn't reach minimum payout. why you call us scammers?

We make 10-15 payments daily to JS miners and nobody else is complaining. Yes, opening pool was not good idea, we have great javascript solution and it's simply not good idea to mix it with pool due to performance.

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