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CryptoDredge v0.16.1 Fix (MTP) Improved (X16R) (X16RT)

Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:30 am


Version 0.16.1 released

MTP bug related to many rejected balls fixed
Fixed X16R and X16RT performance
Removed Blake (2s), Exosis, Lbk3, Lyra2REv2, Polytimos and Skein algorithms
Other minor fixes


CryptoDredge_0.16.1_cuda_10.0_linux.tar.gz 14.6 MB
CryptoDredge_0.16.1_cuda_10.0_windows.zip 15.3 MB
CryptoDredge_0.16.1_cuda_9.1_linux.tar.gz 14.6 MB
CryptoDredge_0.16.1_cuda_9.1_windows.zip 15.3 MB
CryptoDredge_0.16.1_cuda_9.2_linux.tar.gz 14.5 MB
CryptoDredge_0.16.1_cuda_9.2_windows.zip 15.3 MB

Successful prey!
CryptoDredge Team

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