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Happy Holidays from the PiMP family to yours - Important Tax Tips and Miner.farm 3 is here!

Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:24 pm

Today we released our newsletter with lots of helpful tax tips for the end of year for those of you who like to be compliant.

Also, our weekly clubhouse call was added to Apple Podcasts on iTunes, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. Check it out here if you missed the call on Wed: https://getpimp.org/pimppodcast/

Portable Instant Mining Platform: A Mining Magazine So you stay in the Green.

December 2018 Issue

getpimp.org | miner.farm

Thanks for reading, miners! Enjoy this Coupon Code:



(Expires Jan 31, 2018)

Buy PiMP OS Now! https://getpimp.org/shop/pimp

For the Love of Mining. Thank you for all of your support!

Make More Profits »

We appreciate you being a part of the PiMP Project and for reading our newsletter. We want to hear from you, so jump in the PiMP discord at discord.me/pimp and tell us what you want us to be working on. Join our Wednesday Clubhouse Calls to get to know your fellow miners and have some fun.
Everyone is loving miner.farm v3 and with the new server fleet in place, everything is rock solid and the new features are amazing. Jump on Discord and tell us what you want us to work on next!
Crypto Tax Tips: The Brash Report covers real tax strategies written by miners, for miners. You can also ask our in house accountant any questions you have about staying compliant with crypto! This month has a lot of important information for the end of the year.

Product Updates »

Miner.farm 3 is finally here and its better than ever - with our new modern infrastructure as a foundation, we will be adding even more features for 2019. PiMP OS is as stable as ever, and continuously getting new miners, algorithms and coins supported with PIMPUP OTA updates!

Check out Doc »

DocDrydenn from the PiMP Support team keeps it simple with his Crypto Mining Triage column this month. Come check out Doc and troubleshoot rig problems faster!

Make Referral Money »

Don't forget - PiMP Referral Program pays out 10% so you can make extra money recommending the easiest and most stable way to mine crypto to your friends. Simply go to the getpimp.org site and click My Referrals to sign up and get your code!

Read More: https://getpimp.org/pimp-mining-magazin ... mber-2018/

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