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FF News: China 'lies,' says The Wolf of Wall Street, Omar Abdulla??

Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:06 pm

Markets ‘calm down,’ as the world awaits more lies from China, says

“The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Omar Abdulla…??

by Nabila Dockrat

(2 March 2020—ABC NEWS) The Wolf of Wall Street

Mr. Omar Abdulla

says that

China is reporting low number of cases the past several

weeks whilst other

Asian countries are starting to peak with new cases

daily from South Korea, Japan

Hong Kong and Singapore.

“Maybe the other Asian countries are the ones to be

trusted, instead of lying

China,’ he told ABC NEWS.

Another resident who spoke to Hubei Times looped

that China has been injecting

billions of dollars into their economy by stagnating the

impact of Covid 19.

“China has been injecting stimulus into their economy to

keep the market alive.

We believe that much more people have died at home, and

China is keeping the

numbers low so that people can get back to work.’

Addressing members of Washington, President Trump says

that the Corona Virus

Is ‘under control,’ and should see smaller numbers as Winter

in China progresses.

The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares in Bitcoin SA, Forex SA,

Instagram SA and

Facebook SA added that investors were queuing to invest into

GOLD and SILVER as these

Commodities were known as ‘safe havens.’

“Markets have stayed away from the see-saw markets of China

and The United States,

and have Gold as the medium of trade.’

In other news, speaking to The Hong Kong Sun, local resident,

Ms. Sue Ying cooled that

the rest of Asia should be trusted with their numbers, and

not the Chinese.

“The Chinese government want to keep numbers low so

that people can get to work,

and not cause billions of other people in Asia to panic.’

Meanwhile, South African shares seem to have progressed

during this flu season,

as first world currencies have seen their money moved to

third world currencies.

“Markets have moved some of their investment into Africa

and South Africa, as very

few cases have been reported in these countries.’

Economist for The Omar Abdulla Group, Ms. Ayesha Noormahomed

concluded her remarks

to The Sunday Times that she expects the South African Rand

to get stronger within the year,

due to better economic data from South Africa and expects

the Covid 19 virus to come to an

end by April 2020.

“We are already seeing low numbers from China, and

although the virus is still not yet fully contained,

we should see billions in China returning to work in

coming days, which could see

the Asian markets rise to market expectations.’

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