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DAO.ORIS.SPACE uniting the participants of the ORIS.SPACE platform, holds a massive Crowdsale.
At present, practically not taken into account, that the consumer of all produced goods and services is a MAN. All existing interrelations in the world can be characterized as "A PEOPLE A CONSUMER", but there must be "MAN-VALUE". The decision of this particular task is the basis of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization ORIS.SPACE (hereinafter referred to as DAO.ORIS.SPACE).
The ORIS.SPACE project is another revolution, comparable in scale to the advent of the Internet and further - the technology of blocking. The basis of the project ORIS.SPACE is the system of intuitive prediction - the mobile application ORIS, in which existing and widely known components are combined into a new configuration. As a result, a unique technology for accessing the human subconscious was obtained, which is used to form reliable, relevant and easily verified human profiles. These profiles are the basis of the HUMAN VALUE ideology.
Currently, all services that provide the possibility of creating a personal profile of a person use this information for their own benefit (promotion of various information, hidden and explicit advertising, etc.) without informing the profile owner.
The ORIS.SPACE project, through the promotion of the ORIS mobile application, the first one that enables the owner of the profile to earn the most,
answering questions of various marketing researches, sociological polls, and also various other services, beginning from exchange-forecasts, bookmaker offices and finishing usual everyday questions.
The funds collected as a result of the crowdsdale will be the financial basis of the ORIS.SPACE project and will be kept in the reserve of the smart contract, which controls the release of the ORGON token.
The founders of DAO.ORIS.SPACE teamed up in 2012 to conduct IT business. During the years of joint work, various projects were implemented, in which:
• Processing of large data sets (big data);
• Distributed computing;
• Neural networks.
DAO.ORIS.SPACE has copyrights to the developments, which are the basis of the Software products and are successfully used by our customers. In 2015, the team had an ambitious idea to create a next-generation search engine, in which the request could be processed simultaneously on a large number of devices. The construction of the search index and the processing of the user's request for this index would occur using its own neural network. The brake for the further development of this project was the understanding of the need for gigantic computing resources, thousands of terabytes for storing information and restrictions on incoming Internet traffic.
After getting acquainted with the technology of the block, having evaluated the opportunities that have been discovered, we came to the conclusion that all the previous developments are ideally placed in the basis of the ORIS.SPACE Platform and the ORIS Mobile Application.
Tactical task: to create a mobile application ORIS, with which you can get an answer to your question, referring to the subconscious of large groups of people.
The strategic objective is to create the Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO.ORIS.SPACE (see DAO.ORIS.SPACE Memorandum) and increase the awareness of humanity through the development of internal abilities, ensuring the formation of "HUMAN VALUE".
The goal of the mobile application is to make the barrier between the conscious and the unconscious more transparent. Only looking beyond this barrier is possible to obtain genuine information, devoid of the influence of templates, frames and modifiers of consciousness. In case of individual work of a psychologist with a person, controlled hypnosis is used. However, without the supervision of a specialist, introducing into a trance is not only difficult, but also dangerous. Our psychologists have chosen a different method: we have the question behind the picture screen. The picture is not simple, it is "drawn" by the mind of "Praera" (the person asking the question) with the help of the application. We have developed and tested one of the methods of "drawing". The search for other, more effective, drawing methods is the goal of the research work that we will carry out as the project develops. As a result of the analysis of the questions asked and also the answers received to direct questions, the system will generate actual and reliable profiles of the users of the Mobile ORIS application.
After this, all participants of the ORIS.SPACE Platform - owners of profiles will be given the opportunity to earn, taking part in various marketing research, sociological surveys and simply answering questions in the system. This will give everyone an opportunity to feel that he himself, in fact of his existence is of value:
• For yourself - as you can earn money by answering questions;
• For society - as it begins to understand that all goods and services are produced for him, and only he himself determines whether he needs it or not.
The mobile application ORIS provides an opportunity for anyone who downloaded the application on their smartphone:
• Customize your intuition by going through several types of settings chosen at will;
• Answer the question of any other person in coded form and get paid for it;
• Ask a question by paying for it;
• Take the test, answering the direct questions of the system, and create your own unique User Profile.
The originality of the ORIS mobile application lies in the fact that a person subsequently gets the opportunity to earn using information from his profile.
In the mobile ORIS application:
• "Prair" pays to get an answer to your question.
• "Linkers" receive payment for the fact that they answer this question (a lot of linkers should answer one question of "Praera").
At the moment, the prototype of the mobile application Oris is available in Google.Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.
The means of internal financial relations are the Orgon token, ERC-20 standard based on Ehtereum. If a person gives something to the platform, he gets Orgon from her. For a person to receive something from the platform, he must give her Orgon.
The release of the Orgon token occurs in three blocks, as well as the attraction of funds to the project:
FIRST BLOCK - issue 642 118 523,28 Orgon - is distributed as follows:
• Multi-signature K1 purse (Founders) = 100,000,000 ORGN;
• Contract LFCN (Community) = 100,000,000 ORGN;
• K2 referral program contract (invite a friend, get Orgon)
= 100,000,000 ORGN;
• Multi-signature purse K3 (Bounty) = 7 250 000 ORGN;
• ORIS contract (For payment to first linkers) = 334,868,523.28 ORGN.
In total, the community allocated 100 million Orgon as an option at a price of 0.0008 ETH with a settlement date 9 months after the completion of the ICO and a ban
resale option is cheaper than 0.0008 ETH. The funds received from the sale of this volume of tokens are spent on research, development of a prototype, development of a mobile application, development of private brokers, marketing and advertising.
SECOND BLOCK - carrying out crowdsdale - placing 82,881,476.72 Orgon at a differentiated price, to collect 72,500 ETH, is the first stage of the work of the two-stage JPP (Just Price Protocol) contract. All ETH received as a result of the crowdsdale will be placed in the JPP contract reserve when it starts up.
THIRD BLOCK - After collecting 72500 ETH in reserve, the second phase of the JPP contract begins, which is built on the principle of integral value determination. At this point, the JPP contract can automatically sell ORGN for ETH. The price of each transaction is determined by the contract with the use of integral calculus according to the laws of supply and demand and depends on the total Orgon issue, reserve ratio and ETH stocks.
All subsequent investors, as well as those wishing to conduct various studies and contact users of the ORIS mobile application, will purchase Orgon from the JPP contract, ensuring price growth according to protocol rules.
In 9 months after the end of the ICO or upon reaching the total volume of the issue of one and a half billion tokens, anyone can also sell Orgon to the JPP contract and receive ETH in return.
The growth of the platform capitalization will be possible due to the growth of the marketing research market, both global and individual countries, showing a certain annual growth.
Currently, the market of predictions is represented by such projects as Augur, Gnosis, Stox, Aeternity, but only the ORIS.SPACE platform has full functionality:
-the presence of its ecosystem,
-use of profiles,
-improving the quality of service over time,
-voting for answers,
-Multiple forecast markets,
-creating applications on the platform.
Foxico-6,5 / 10
Foundico-7.7 / 10
Bench-3.9 / 5
More information can be obtained on the ORIS.SPACE -[url]https: //[/url]

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