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[ICO] BitcoinBing - Crypto Exchange

Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:24 am

Image Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Exchange: Sometimes known as “exchanges”, these are institutions that enable users to exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. In effect, they serve as intermediaries between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers, connecting demand with supply and enabling buyers to make their desired purchases using cryptos or fiats of their choice, according to which ones are supported by the individual exchange.
BitcoinBing is a cryptocurrency marketplace with unique features and enhancements that make it better than any other typical cryptocurrency exchange. Leveraging the peer-to-peer architecture, which the entire blockchain concept is built on, BitcoinBing gives absolute control to its users over their desired cryptocurrency exchange formats, processes and procedures.
  • Bitcoinbing exchange enables all the users to place the transactions on Zero percent fee
  • Bitcoinbing wallet offers security with blockchain protection which seals every transaction firmly
  • Bitcoinbing will provide assistance round the clock by the well-trained specialists on the platform

Our Vision

BitcoinBing's vision is to raise the standard of expectation across the industry and to deliver a world class experience with an exceptionally powerful trading engine, active platform development and a customizable interface. We are tackling issues that span the industry and our platform is dedicated to the user base. Bitcoinbing is a balancing participation in the blockchain space and accelerating mass adoption. This project is focused at optimizing the trade with induction of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is an endeavor to usher the world into a secure and reliable system. Bitcoinbing will secure the interests of its users in all aspects. Its motto is to ease the way people make their transactions today. With peer-to-peer architecture, this platform will neutralize the profit for every user.

The onsite Bitcoinbing matching engine has a phenomenal transaction processing capacity that can handle up to 1,000,000orders/second. Bitcoinbing users are spared from the trouble of waiting for their orders to get out of a queue which in some instances can take days or even weeks to process. This platform offers all the services that a typical exchange provides such as spot trading, margin trading, anonymous instant exchange and decentralized exchange.

In addition to that, it also offers the ability to conduct over-the-counter and peer-to-peer trading of fiat and cryptocurrency in a flexible and secure manner. In Bitcoinbing, users signify what cryptocurrencies they have and what exchange rate they are willing to sell with, and other users respond to them and negotiate until an agreement is reached. Upon doing that, a smart contract is agreed stipulating how much is to be exchanged on both sides, how the transfer of value is to be made, and within what time frame these events are to take place. In order to ensure that users are not cheated of their money or otherwise discomfited, a rating and review mechanism exists for each year to gain onsite trust ratings, which helps users in making critical decisions about who to do business with.

Bing Token

Bing token is Bitcoinbing platform's native token which gives traders zero trading fee, when using it to pay fee for trades made on Bitcoinbing exchange. This mean that Bitcoinbing raised capital, launched with a functional product and instantly had a practical utility to benefit users. A utility token is a functional token that, through smart contract programming, can be utilized in many different ways. In case of Bing, it can be used to pay for services within the platform as well as with zero trading fee.

• Bing tokens are utility tokens.

• Revenue shared features will be added in future.

• Bing tokens can be used to trade other cryptocurrencies.

• Value of Bing tokens may rise as volume of trade increases on the exchange.

• Great way to diversify your crypto portfolio.

PreICO dates: 15th Sept to 30th sept
ICO dates: 1st Oct to 14th Nov
Bitcoinbing ICO:
ANN thread:

user: konstant111
btt profile: ... e;u=825974

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