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New Airdrop from CoinsBit Exchange: DAN ($ 40) Decentralized Anonymous Network + staking pool

Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:27 pm

New Airdrop from CoinsBit exchange: DAN 40,000 ($ 40) Decentralized Anonymous Network + staking pool !!!

1. To receive a DAN coin, you need to register on the CoinsBit exchange:

and pass KYC (the procedure is not complicated: passport and selfies are approved quickly! Once you pass KYC, you can participate in all airdrops and distributions of coins from this exchange, and they take place every month, plus there are a lot of staking pools for various coins on the exchange!

2. Launch the bot:

3. We enter the telegram channel and subscribe to social networks and repost

4. Fill out the Google form

5. We drop the link to your repost to the bot

After receiving the coin, we will throw it for staking!

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