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WeiDex, a Blockchain Agnostic DApp Ecosystem for Exchanges.

Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:35 pm

Hello guys,

We are providing friendly exchange user interface which is connected with multiple blockchains - Ethereum, Aeternity, Qtum, etc. WeiDex Foundation is strongly customer oriented. Everything we build supports web, desktop and mobile version. Everyone could effortlessly use our DApps - Any time from Any place.

Why Use WeiDex?

In short, there are three primary reasons among many why users should use weiDex. Firstly, it is immune to the risk factors of centralized exchanges. Secondly, it is perhaps the first decentralized exchange that incorporates an easy to use user-friendly interface. Lastly, weiDex is packed with numerous exclusive features that cannot be found on other centralized or decentralized exchanges.

When compared to both centralized and decentralized exchanges, weiDex seems to be an optimal choice for users.

WeiDex advantages over centralized exchanges:
-No sign-up hassle
-Trade instantly
-Users are always in control of their funds
-No withdraw or deposit limits
-No trade limits
-Secure and transparent
-Not vulnerable to hacks as centralized exchanges are
-low fees
-Quick and easy customer service
-Transparency regarding weiDex team
-incorporation of many exclusive exchanges

If you are interested, come, visit and try it out : https://www.weidex.market ;)

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