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MeterQubes DEX - Trade Digital Assets with an Edge

Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:03 am

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has grown massively since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009. New crypto traders are entering the market to take advantage of the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) economy. But majority of the traders lack the tools needed to analyze and assess the opportunity available in digital assets. The MeterQubes vision is to provide its clients an array of solutions that facilitate smooth trading and investing in digital assets through self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence-equipped software.

Our Mission Statement is: “Trade Digital Assets with an Edge”. The goal is to help every user on MeterQubes amass the “smart money” by utilizing state-of-the-art tools and analytics. It will aim to address the issue of liquidity & volume and become a premium trading platform that offers fast order execution and a large option of tradable assets.
Our platform’s 3 main pillars are:
■ True Decentralization
■ Liquidity
■ Machine Learning

MeterQubes offers the next generation peer to peer decentralized trading platform. It has been designed for both active traders and beginners and optimized with AI and ML powered tools to help crypto community maximize their trading profits. Tools offered to users will include predictive algorithms, trading bots, algorithmic trading, sentiment analysis scores and graphs and a host of other allied features. The lynchpin at MeterQubes Decentralized Exchange is the state-of-the-art global, borderless, open source, public and decentralized Ethereum Blockchain. MeterQubes engine is powered by the Hydro Protocol, which facilitates the exchange of tokens, while not holding its user’s assets directly within the decentralized exchange, which means that the exchange does not hold the keys to the users tokens, hence it’s trustless. Our system allows traders to retain control of their funds throughout the trading process.

Hydro Protocol is an open source framework that is used to build high performance DEXs. Hydro is a ready-made protocol which can be customized to the needs of any Decentralized Exchange. Hydro Smart contracts are also open source, efficient, secure and flexible for exchanging ERC20 tokens. The Hydro Smart Contracts used in MeterQubes Exchange are professionally audited. MeterQubes is developed along off-chain order book with onchain settlement process. Basically, this means that practically anyone with a MetaMask wallet and ERC20 token can start trading on our platform, instantaneously. While the execution of actual trade occurs on the Ethereum blockchain, giving traders full control of their funds until the exchange takes place, the order books are hosted by a component called Relayers, causing drastic reduction in overall trading fees and facilitating broadcast of information to the public using any medium, website, app etcetera.

Artificially Intelligent powered trading bot - Quboid, is a major step towards facilitating Decentralized trading. It’s a proprietary tool which allows users to create and customize automated trading. Since Quboid will need access to your sensitive digital asset private keys and exchange API keys to operate on your behalf. Its design will be user-operated local or hosted client, and even cloud based model, similar to a cryptocurrency mining node. This, in turn, means that our bot can continue trading even if your computer is turned off…. We will facilitate traders to backtest their trading portfolios, set trailing stop loss thresholds to aid with portfolio composition.

Quboid is aimed at cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to earn passive income. We want our traders to use this specialized service for a profit. Our trading bot will solve one of the most inherent problems of market makers – change bid and ask prices to reflect factors such as changes in market conditions, trades executed, and risk exposure. Quboid will mitigate the decision making problem which market makers often face when they have an information disadvantage.

The trading specialists who are constructing this platform are aware of liquidity and fully understand what it means. This was a key architectural decision, our trading advisors put forward from a DEX perspective, to ensure that the trader can submit as many orders as he wants, without incurring any gas fee and trading fee, in order to play the role of a market maker on MeterQubes. Our trading strategists with a trading mindset wanted to make sure we add as much liquidity, whilst ensuring it costs nothing to be a maker on MeterQubes. This is the real benefit from the lens of the traders. All other options (cancelling an order, doing a trade, withdrawing, taking liquidity) involve a gas fee. But we’ve got our traders covered. We will use a percentage of the profit from a trade itself (e.g. 5% of the profit) to contribute to the traders as reimbursement for the gas fees until the token burn has been completed.

A fixed amount of MeterQubes tokens are created as Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens. Following the network’s inception, there is no possibility to create tokens. Tokens can be burned based on decisions from management. The total supply of Meterqubes to be distributed during the launch is 1,000,000,000 MeterQubes.
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MeterQubes is a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange built on a robust blockchain protocol, providing an ample of trading pairs, secured ecosystem, and a real-time matching system supported by self-learning artificial intelligence.

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