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Top reasons why you should join Borneo Crypto Mining

Thu May 31, 2018 9:48 am

Why Join Borneo Crypto Mining?

>>Easy Entry
No technical skills required from all of our investors

>> Minimal Investment
A reasonable minimal investment

>> Monthly Payouts Up to 75%
As long as you hold BCM token, you are entitled to receive your sharing of mining profit up to 75% each month

>> Lifetime Profit Sharing
BCM token holders will get a lifetime profit sharing as long as mining remains profitable

>> Low Electricity Cost
Comparably low-cost and stable electricity power supply in the world

>> Best Location : Malang - Indonesia
Malang provides a relatively cool climate to keep equipment in lower temperature.

>> Dedicated Expert
BCM consist of a team of dedicated professional to share and contribute their expertise to reach maximum profits for all

>> Resistance to Ethereum Volatility
Even if ETH price drops to around $400, your investment in Borneo Crypto Mining can still generate around 10% annual return

>>Constant Equipment Upgrades
15% of net output will be reinvested into upgrading the existing equipment to reach the optimal efficiency of mining profitability

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