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The mainstream cryptocurrency sharing price rose

Mon May 07, 2018 3:58 am

The global market of blockchain continues to heat up this week. In top five of market value, EOS and BCH are specially outstanding. The average daily value of all cryptocurrency is up to $4081 billion, and average daily transaction is nearly $278.2 billion, both of them increased by 17.8% and 41.6% comparing with last week. In additionally, market gains of EOS and BCH are extremely higher than the rest of the top 5 cryptocurrency.

In the application of blockchain, the vertical industries and new application projects specially stand out. Daneel, that works on AI, of which market gains is nearly up to 732.48%.

What’s more, public offering projects around all over the world in this week was totally 21, and finished fundraising amount which was up to $1.6 billion.
Considering the regulatory policy, the main countries such as French, Singapore and Philippines are trying to publish new supervision requirements or suggestions on cryptocurrency market.

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