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Get your first dogecoin - And strategy to multiply them.

Sun May 07, 2017 2:35 pm

Get your first dogecoin here for free: http://freedoge.co.in/?r=1774

On the site above, you can get your first dogecoin by rolling a number every hour. Denpending on how high a number you roll you get x amount of doge. A higher number gets you more dogecoin, if you roll 10000 you will get over 100 USD worth of dogecoin.

When you have collected your first dogecoins. You could consider trying mulitplying your coins. On the same site you can a game of HI-LO. This is of cause a gambling game with risk. So if you play the basic game you will lose your dogecoin.

But with a clever strategy you can gain an edge. Here is what you should do:

Go to Multiply doge page.

Under Auto-Bet you type in the following settings.

Base Bet: 1 (or less if you have under 1000 doge)

LOSS >=: 1000 (Around 1/20 of your entire bankroll) This will ensure that you don't lose all of your dogecoin if you hit a bad streak.

On loss:



Now you can chose how many rolls you want. I recommend starting out with 100 rolls. To make sure the settings are right. if they are you should see a steady increase in your profit over time.

Now start AUTO-BET,

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Re: Get your first dogecoin - And strategy to multiply them.

Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:38 pm

You can try services like this: http://freedoge.co.in/?r=988090 if you make it trougth this link you can help me out too :D

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Re: Get your first dogecoin - And strategy to multiply them.

Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:40 am

We would like to introduce to you Bitcoin Doubler Software. We can assure you that the software has the capability to ease your financial stress.

It will do this by multiplying your bitcoin within an hour. The crypto trading bot integrated within this app makes it possible to triple your bitcoins in such a short time by auto-trading with your bitcoins and reinvesting micro-profits each time while leveraging on the magic of compounding interest to double or triple your initial deposit.

We do have not placed any cost on the software because the efficacy of the algorithm is such that the software makes enough profit to double your bitcoins as promised we take a little a profit from it too.

You see that you are very important in the chain as we need your bitcoins to make a profit for both of us and we assure you that you will be satisfied with its results.

If you wish to try the software you can download it from the link below. IT IS ONLY FOR ANDROID DEVICES

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