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Why Do A Cryptocurrency Trading Course?

Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:04 am

PERSONAL Overview!!

Trading in general IS RISKY.

But at the same time, if you are willing to learn the components of trading and get a better understanding of how to get in and out of trades through Technical Analysis (TA) than believe me, the risk to reward ratio is minimal and could provide greater benefits in the long run for successful outcomes when it comes to trading daily/weekly. Personally, I've been in Trading Crypto since 2017 (Short amount of time) and had no clue as to what I was doing, only that the hype was there and people were making an insane amount of money from small investments. I decided to invest $3000 (money I could afford to lose) just to see if I could make something. This was during mid 2017 before Antshares was about to rebrand ($8-12/share) to NEO, I spread my cash around with most of my money going into Antshares. Within a month my wallet was worth over $17,000, all that from a $3000 investment with no idea of what I was doing. At this time, due to the Hype and sudden increase of the crypto market I did not see a reason to take any profits and I left it all in there.

Thats when the crash happened.. My $17000 fell to under $1000, where Panic hit and I got scared for further falls, I kept selling and buying at every sign of a decrease and increase at a loss due to me not being psychologically prepared and no understanding of how the Markets worked or Technical Analysis. I looked further into how I could get into day/weekly trading just so I could get back to my initial investment and more, so I looked towards free youtube videos, a lot of them. The free Videos did help me to a certain extent, but the amount of information on Technical analysis (TA) out there is beyond ridiculous. Going through Video after Video, TA after TA lesson I decided I wanted to get straight into it and give it a go after 4 months of learning on my own.

Boy was I over my head. Thinking that me understanding TA alone would help was a big mistake, another costly mistake that I had made. Thats when I learned that No matter how much Videos I watch on Technical Analysis, If I was not Psychologically ready or have a trading plan than I would Just keep losing more money. Thankfully, being the type of person that does not give up, does not let negativity cloud my judgement nor the influence of others around me telling me that I am WASTING my time, I stuck to it. I took it as another learning curve and continued to learn and grow.

I needed someone to not only show me how to do Technical Analysis in person but to also provide me actual feedback on what I was doing wrong/right, give me that motivation to continue, mentally prepare me, show me how to produce a trading plan/strategy which catered to me as an individual. I knew I was not going to get this from any free video, so I set my eyes out on doing an actual course. At the time I was working full time and couldn't afford to do trading courses. Thats when I stumbled upon a course the provided 6 weeks of Online Tutoring twice a week covering certain aspects of Becoming a Trader with the right Psychology behind it. At first I didn't want to fork out money to do a course which I could most definitely get the information off the Internet. But I had tried that and Failed already, wasting money with no benefit what so ever. So I thought about it logically, why keep watching videos that provide no feedback or can mentally prepare me as a trader and go out there on my own, put more money into an exchange and continuously lose that money. I might as well use that money to do a course that could potentially be more beneficial than just throughing my money away at exchanges believing I am a trader now that I have seen youtube videos with no benefit or achievement other than losing my money.

I decided to do the 6 week online course during October/Novemebr 2018, and my god did it open up my eyes. Not only Did they open up my eyes to the Fact that Technical analysis and tools used by most people are good, but flooding yourself and your trading charts with so many TA, shapes, tools is stupid and pointless when you only really need to know a few TA skills and tools to understand when to get in to a trade and out of the trade with the right Risk to Reward Ratio. But the key things which I was looking for at that time were how to psychologically prepare myself and how to go about a trading plan. Fortunately for me, This course had exactly that. They concentrated on preparing us mentally, not to get emotionally attached to trades, to get in and get out with a profit, to construct and follow a trading plan which worked for me. Now 3 months down the track, I could not be any happier with doing a course that has benefited me so much, that provided me with more than I needed in the 6 weeks of the online course than I learned since getting into Crypto trading since mid 2017.

The 6 week course has helped teach over 4000 students since they started, and continuing. They provide Continuous help through their FB groups and also provide Seminars which are more like a get away holiday from what I have seen (something I will definitely be getting into myself down the track). This is my story when It comes to trading, some people can learn from Videos online for free but than there are individuals like myself that need that extra help, push, drive, guidance to help them understand, learn and be mentally ready for what trading really has in store, the highs and lows.

Trading is not EASY, you have to be on point, you will have your good and bad days but learning something that requires a bit of money, a bit of time and hard work in my opinion is well worth it. That money I spent on the Course, I would have pissed it away either way, Instead I used it to help me learn something for the future. TRADING is definitely something that can change lives, but you have to be willing to go through the LEARNING PROCESS first and prepare yourself for what trading has to give.

If you are interested I would highly recommend the 6 week Online Course, You won't regret spending a bit of money on something that can help you, your loved ones and friends around you. Do something NOW instead of waiting/wasting your time with free online videos which will benefit to a certain degree. Get to that Financial Freedom you deserve and want, money will come and go but learning such a skill as Trading will stick with you in the long run.

Here is a link for you to Check out the course and Other benefits they provide. Wether you do it or not, I would definitely look into and do some research. Wish you all the best, Continue to LEARN AND GROW!!

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