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Telegram's ICO can raise billions

Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:04 am

Telegram's ICO can raise billions

Telegram's ICO will happen against the backdrop of the fall of the digital currencies and pessimism due to tighter crypto regulation in the world.

Bloomberg reported, referring to the investment proposal, about terms in which the company of Pavel Durov - Telegram - is planning the largest ICO projects in crypto industry. Attraction of cryptocurrencies will be held in February-March, and the placement of tokens with the proposed name of Gram on crypto exchanges - in January 2019, at least until the end of 2019. Telegram representative did not respond to a request about authenticity of the document.

Earlier experts of crypto market made suggestions, that the anonymous investment offer on the Internet could be taken in order to test the reaction of potential investors to the conditions.

According to Bloomberg materials, Telegram plans to raise during the pre-ICO $ 600 million. In March of 2018 it is planned to attract the same amount like with the open subscription. In earlier media were reports that Durov just going through the ICO to attract about $ 3-5 billion.

Tokens will be used in Gram Telegram Open Network blockchain proprietary platform (TON), which will differ from existing with high rate of transactions. Thus, TON will be able to compete with Visa and Mastercard.

In 2017, the ICO projects have been very popular, for a total of tokens placed in the equivalent of $ 4 billion. At the same time 10% of the organizers of the placements had to return because of the prohibition of the operation on the territory of China.

We need someone like Whatsapp or Telegram, to make crypto investments a mainstream. Safinus platform can help them with this issue, that platform will allow anyone to safely invest in the crypto industry, not only experts and enthusiasts. From a technical point of view, it looks amazing, and Telegram founders have a really good reputation.

However, the agency notes that the proposed ICO Telegram will happen against the backdrop of the fall of the digital currencies and pessimism due to tighter regulation of crypto industry worldwide.

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