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how to invest in crowdfunding startups?

Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:45 am

I didn't invest in promising startups at the time but now I'm not going to miss this opportunity !

What do you think about Fluency bank? It looks all of us will have access to national crypto soon. They were featured by Forbes, connecting innovative banking, private crypto and national crypto. They have just opened pre-register on Seedrs.

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Re: how to invest in crowdfunding startups?

Tue May 12, 2020 4:34 pm

Blockchain crowdfunding for startups is looking to change the startup funding game. Instead of offering products, startups can now offer their own cryptocurrency to early investors. Today, many projects have already been funded through blockchain crowdfunding platforms. An example would be Wienchain which is a business funding ecosystem where anyone can request funds for a project.

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