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Beginner Guideline: What is Bitcoin ATM?

Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:56 am

Do you know where and how to buy bitcoin
I suppose most of you would say "go to exchange like Binance and Coinbase,etc.
But it does take some trouble to do specially when you're totally new to bitcoin.
Bitcoin ATM is a very easy alternative of exchange which you can buy bitcoins instantly

Here is a brief introduction of bitcoin ATM and how to use to buy and sell Bitcoins

Brief Overview

Bitcoin ATM is an internet-connected kiosk that allows to buy bitcoin with deposited cash. It usually comes with a computer system and an ATM machine that looks similar to the traditional bank ATM.

The kiosk connect the customers to an exchange in which bitcoin trading service is offered. Similar to the traditional bank, bitcoin ATM is mostly common seen in malls, coffee bars, grocery stores in US but from the global perspective, it’s still not widely used yet which is actually much seen in company offices. To search where to find Bitcoin ATM nearby, coinatmRadar would be the best website that connects all ATMs and displays on Google map.

Unlike the traditional bank ATM that is usually owned by bank or some large financial institution, the bitcoin ATM or cryptocurrency ATM is mostly run by companies like exchange platform, e-wallet in blockchain or cryptocurrency industry. But more and more relevant companies starts ATM business for its high profit.

Depending on the operators, customers would need to connect to their own digital wallet. Some ATM manufacturers/ATM operators even requires an exclusive digital wallet. To trading digital coins or deposit and top up might takes some service fees, too. Usually it ranges from 5%-10% as reported on coinatmRadar.

What does Bitcoin ATM look like?

Almost all bticoin ATMs offer buying digital coins with cash. There are mainly two kinds Bitcoin ATM currently: one-way and two-way ATM. One way ATM usually only offers to buy bitcoin. Two way ATM offers buy bitcoin via cash and sell bitcoin for cash. This works as similarly to top up and withdraw cash as original bank ATM.

YouTube video for reference:

How to Use Bitcoin ATM:

Click Here see how to use bitcoin ATM:



DOBI ATM is cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer and software developer under company Blockchain( Shenzhen) R&D Center in China. As a leading pioneer bitcoin ATM supplier in China, DOBI ATM has a strong technology team.
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