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TRON EcoSystem Entrance-VenaPi Received Supports and Affirmation from Justin Sun

Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:37 am

At the end of 2018, Vena Family launched the high-quality Dapp - VenaPi. In the past year, Vena Network has launched two products: VenaBao and VenaPi. Both of them are deeply bound to TRON, meanwhile, TRON has rapid development. Although it is still in the early stage of eco system, the future is very desirable.


Justin Sun Announced VenaPi’s Online both on Weibo and Twitter.

VenaPi was launched in the end of 2018, which would greatly contribute to the development of TRON eco-system. As a comprehensive entrance of TRON eco-system, VenaPi also received support and affirmation from Justin Sun and TRON Foundation. He published the online news both on Weibo and Twitter at the first time.



It shows that VenaPi is recognized and supported by TRON. VenaPi also maintained an open and cooperative attitude towards the developers of TRON DApps. It is hoped that VenaPi can build the TRON eco-system together with many other TRON comminutors.

Rich Content and 14 Languages Supported, VenaPi Offers you Best Experience.

VenaPi collected the most fun and popular TRON games, so you can play your favorite DApps on the mobile side at one time. Also, you can find the them through recommendations, special topics, rankings etc. In addition, VenaPi also shows the characteristics of easy to use and rich contents, smooth and reasonable interaction, beautiful design and multiple functions, which would offer you the best experience of multi-cryptocurrencies local wallet.

In addition, TRON is a global public chain with fans all over the world. In order to allow the world's TRON fans to play DApp games in a convenient way, VenaPi supports 14 languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, etc. It covers the countries and regions. You can play with others around the world.


A Variety of Holiday Bonus for You

To celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day, Vena Pi and many other DApp projects such as TRON HongBao and ReserveBag would offer a variety of Airdrops and candies for users. Meanwhile, many more DApps will enter VenaPi and have a deep cooperation with VenaPi. It’s time to participate in!

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