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[ANN] [PreICO LIVE ] RUCOIN - Global Loyalty System & BRC Catalog

Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:46 pm


Cryptocurrency is provided with fiat money ($ / ¥ / € / ₹, etc.) of brand rewards programs, applications and websites with actual goods and services online and offline. RUCOIN cryptocurrency and the One Global Loyalty Network are aiming to be a bridge between virtual currencies of the digital world and world-known brands’ bonuses/discounts of the real world.

Now consumers don’t have to combine different rewards and loyalty points, they can just use RUCOIN in the Global Loyalty Network, receiving goods and services that are necessary for them.
Image Loyalty network offers:

1. Consumers: the wallet with the RUCOIN account, which shows the RUCOIN fiat equivalent. The list of goods available for purchase for RUCOIN under the loyalty program.

2. For brands: the opportunity of exponential development of the partner loyalty network. This will reduce their balance obligations by means of use/repayment by consumers.
Manufacturers and brands willing to acquire new customers can also become members of RUCOIN LOYALTY.

3. Owners (of applications/websites): a convenient and meaningful way to reward users for their involvement without the need of creating and managing the rewards system.
Image RUCOIN token is a token on ERC20 integrated into ThePower network. It will be a means of exchange and use in the system. Being a cryptocurrency, the RUCOIN token will provide unlimited, safe and secure transactions between partner brands around the world. In addition, RUCOIN will also act as an exit point for site owners who try to attract users. This model will lead to the consumer base growth in the ecosystem, which will result in transactions increase.

The key components of the proposed solution will be RUCOIN, namely the Complex of Interaction between the Clients and the RUCOIN LOYALTY Network.

Start: 22.11.2017 (12:00 AM MSK Time, UTC+3)

Finish: 27.12.2017 (11:59 PM MSK Time, UTC+3)

Accepted currencies: Bitcoin (ВТС), Enthereum (ETH)

Bonus: 30% – 22.11.2017

Limited number – 3.750.000 tokens


Download Whitepaper


The average number of users registered in loyalty programs has increased by 31% over the past four years. There are only 6.7 active users among 14.3 registered users. This number has not changed since 2012. One of the reasons has been that 57% of the surveyed consumers haven’t known their balance of rewards bonuses, and 38% of them haven’t known the value of their bonuses.

About 57% of consumers in loyalty programs believe that it takes too much time to earn a point or a mile, and 53% of consumers are not interested in the type of the offered rewards. This results in the accumulation of unused rewards bonuses among users.

Global Loyality Network

The Global Loyality Network will be a Rewards catalog that will consist of products/services subscriptions listed by partnering Brands who are on the lookout for driving transactions or acquiring new users. This will be accessible for users through a consumer facing Mobile App & Website.

The User downloads the RUCOIN app ; Signs in ; Links different membership accounts ; Sees the total combined worth of Rewards points in Local Fiat Equivalent ; Accesses the Rewards section & Checks out with a product of his/her choice.

RUCOIN token sale
Image Team

Luchko Liliya Vasilevna is a founder and director, leader and founder of the Research Institute of Innovative Technologies, co-founder of RUCOIN.
She has more than 6 years of work experience in consulting and strategic alliances.

Luchko Aleksey Aleksandrovich is a project manager, co-founder of RUCOIN, consultant on the implementation of business processes and transparent analytics.
He has more than 3 years of work experience in Middleware, SOLIDITY, Blockchain. He is the creator of See Life app.

Shchimaev Arseniy Gasanovich - Integration and scalability. Strategic integration and scalability of the platform.

Veredin Egor Aleksandrovich is a media and public relation specialist. He is responsible for strategic marketing, brand-building, information content and public relations.
He has more than 10 years of work experience in media resources. He is a businessman in the field of marketing and PR.

Serechenko Alfiya Khamitovna is a financial director. She is an entrepreneur in the field of legal review of financial technologies.
She is a director of the ASK Project.

Gorokh Stanislav Olegovich is a Front-end developer. He is a specialist of style and code, who develops user interface.
He is a backend engineer and the one who is enthused about things he does!

Meshcheryakove Inga Takhirovna is a marketing specialist.
She is a freak strategist who teams up with a plan and has customer-friendly attitude. She has work experience in blogs and marketing in social networks.
Image Our early partners
Image Review of the current products and architecture

Products of the Research Institute of Innovative Technologies have been working since 2011 and are strengthening initiatives to attract customers to companies around the world. Our offers include loyalty programs, referral programs, social and media resources together with a transaction wallet, which have been designed taking into account granularity, speed and scalability. Similar to the fully controllable system SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), all of our products are designed to interact with the REST API from scratch, protected by OAuth 2.0 authentication. We also have SDK for popular languages that promote even faster integration.

Due to the system, any businesses can easily integrate the interaction components with the help of existing/new application/website. The user-friendly control panel enables to configure all services easily. The products of the Innovation Technologies Research Institute are based on the microservice architecture, where each service operates independently and can be increased/decreased to achieve high scalability and stability. Research
Institute of Innovative Technologies currently processes millions of requests with the help of its various partners every day.

Rewards Network

Research Institute of Innovative Technologies




Pre ICO: November 22th 2017, 00:00 UTC +3

Pre ICO Bonus - (30% Bonus)

Total RUCOINs allocated for Pre ICO - 3,750,000

ICO Opens: January 15th 2018, 00:00 UTC +3

ICO Closes: February 15th 2018, 00:00 UTC +3

Total RUCOINs allocated for ICO - 33,750,000


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